Trieste Metropolé

The project aims to turn an old exposition area into a residential and commercial one, able to define a new point of interest in the city of Trieste.
The area is located in a suburban contest, near the city racecourse, main roads and a large complex of social housing. Differents strategies were used to develop houses able to offer new servicies and a mixed area for the comunity. The problem was approached by defining a maximum height coherent to the neighborhood and adopting different housing and commercial types: classical, co-housing and co-working.
The masterplan includes different public spaces according to the use: circulation, relax and commercial purposes. Moreover, a public building is designed in order to define a link between the city center and the new area.

Trieste Metropolé | City Planning | June 2013 | Trieste| ITA

Institution: Universty of Trieste

Team: Daniele Ronca, Dario Markovic, Justine Dromard

Tutor: Elena Marchigiani



01 Park entry
02 Open-air market
03 Co-housing | housing | atelier
04 Co-working | hotel | shops
05 Housing
06 Gym
07 Creche
08 Restaurant
09 Exposicion area
10 Auditorium (500 seats)
11 Auditorium (150 seats)
12 Multi use hall
13 Music workshops
14 Info point
15 Bike sharing
16 Pedestrian – bike path

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