Şişli Tower

Şişli, one of the most crowded areas in Istanbul and in constantly trasformation. It represent the emblematich busisness area of the megacity. There are many projects, especially high rises, born in the last years. Once again, in an underdeveloped area, take form the idea of a new complex for offices and retails.


Istanbul, for different reasons, is thirsty for public spaces. In fact they must play an important role in our lives. This project aims to bring back this communal need. Horizontal and vertical layers become an unique place for privat and pubblic use.

The Facade.

The exposition to the sun needs a particular design strategy in order to reduce the energy required. It adopts an high performance glass system with fix shading elements. They are of different sizes and spacing, in order to have a variable insulation.

Şişli tower | Proposal | April 2015 | Istanbul | TR

Office: Salon Architects, Istanbul

Team: Alper Derinboğaz, Şevki Topçu, Daniele Ronca, Ozan Balçık


01 Fix elements
02 Anchorage
03 Steel support
04 Steel grille
05 Steel cover
06 Glass system
07 Floor
08 Concrete slab
09 Cealing

General plan | Terrace plan | Coworking plan