In the future, there will be a greater need for free time, pastoral space, leisure, silence and a peaceful break in nature. The real richness will be the appreciation and experience of these basic human needs. A place where the smell of woods, fresh mountain air and the disconnect from the internet will be a new vacation requirement.

This hilltop resort provides a privacy and shelter in proximity to great drama of the Roccamandolfi castle. Creating a series of communal places to socialize and maintain a healthy state of mind, the main accommodation pavilions are scattered around the eastern edge of the hill with vista views towards the village and surrounding nature. The houses hover lightly above the ground, and in the steepest location lift off into the tree canopy.
The resort provides a multitude of nature walks around the castle and the density of units can be defined by seasonal demand.
The need for an undisturbed natural shelter places a premium on nature and minimizing the built impact is critical for its success.

Roccamandolfi Castle Resort Competition | Competition | April 2017 | Isernia | IT

Team: Daniele Ronca, Aleksandr Karpov, Rocco Barbini, Alice Monacelli

Result: Mentioned



Multipurpose center

Housing typology

Castle resort