Istanbul Performing Arts

‘For a city of its size, it possesses a remarkably low number of small theaters and other purpose-built spaces for arts, literature and music’
(World Cities Cultural Report)

The project aims to an urban regeneration of Kadiköy waterfront through the creation of a cultural center and the rationalization of the space used for infrastructures and transport system.

The masterplan objective is to revitalize the social and economic life of the area.
The project area fits the idea of creating a new center for the performing arts, considering also the European and international trends of the last decade in terms of waterfronts re-qualification.

The Istanbul Performing Arts will be a focal point in the redevelopment of one of the most picturesque, cosmopolitan and dynamic areas of Istanbul that should be exploited more as transportation junction between the European and the Asiatic part of the metropolis.

Urban Concept

Due to its privileged position, the waterfront is a suitable area for the creation of a cultural, recreational and leisure center  by keeping unchanged its infrastructural role.

The Facade

Fascinated by the Turkish pattern tradition the facade become a modern interpretation and a tribute to my turkish experience. The facade consist with modular pieces. According the lighting needs, the pieces have different ratio of quantity of light can pass through in order to maximize the energetic building efficiency.

Istabul Performing Arts | Master Thesis | March 2014 | Trieste/Istanbul | ITA/TR

Institution: Universty of Trieste, Yildiz Technical University

Team: Daniele Ronca

Tutor: Gianfranco Guaragna, Birgül Çolakoğlu



01 Museum and train station Haydarpasa
02 Mosque
03 Platform
04 Services
05 Restaurant
06 Bookshop
07 Contemporary museum
08 Metro entrance
09 School
10 Transport hub
11 Ferry
12 Istanbul Performing Arts
14 Water treatment
15 Lighthouse

A Wood platform
B Fountain
C Pedestrian path

plan ±0.00

plan +7.00

AA section


01 Entrance
02 Foyer Opera
03 Foyer Orchestra
04 Entrance Opera (1000 seats)
05 Parterre
06 First Gallery
07 Second Gallery
08 Balcony
09 Stage
10 Orchestra pit

11 Supporting stage
12 Backstage
13 Artist/Staff entrance
14 Dressing room
15 Changing room
16 Medium hall (400 seats)
17 Small hall (150 seats)
18 Music workshops
19 Rehearsal studio
20 Mixed use area

21 Administrative office
22 Dressmaker
23 Cafe/Restaurant
24 Bar/Cafe
25 Kitchen
26 Storage
27 Reception/Ticket office
28 Bookshop
29 Cloakroom
30 Technical room

31 Toilet
32 Loading
33 Elevator
34 Service elevator
35 Freight elevator
36 Stair
37 Emergency stair
38 Emergency exit
39 Open theatre

BB medium hall detail


01 Exterior facade
02 120mm metal sheet
03 IPE220
04 acoustic protection layer
05 Double Plasteboard
06 Oak MDF panels
07 Acoustic reflectors
08 Perforated steel panel with LED
09 Oak floor
10 Sublayer
11 HILTI system structure
12 50mm screed
13 HEB340
14 Acoustic panel
15 Structural glass system

Time Lapse Maquette