Gorizia Reuse

The ex tobacco factory of Gorizia is an abandoned industrial site that offers multiple opportunities of reuse.
New spaces for the community can be obtained by rehabilitating and adding a raised part to the original building.
The funcional programme destines the new building for activities that include service industry, university facilities and leisure.
The project deigns a new area including a pool hall, a wellness center and a library considering the nearby location of the international relation and architecture faculty. in addition, the area is revitalized by the construction of new student houses.

Gorizia Reuse | Rehabilitation | March 2013 | Trieste| ITA

Institution: Universty of Trieste

Team: Daniele Ronca, Francesca Roncelli, Maria Zini

Tutor: Gianfranco Guaragna



Ground | First floor

Section | Facade

Facade detail


01 Roof
copper layer
2×100 mm natural fiber
vapour barrier
wood support
steel Ipe beam 270
80 mm natural fiber
copper layer
02 metheoric wather collector
03 steel Ipe beam 270
04 sunscreens whit 8 mm cables
05 glass railing
06 low e-glass
07 existing wall
55 mm brick wall
vapour barrier
200 mm reinforced concrete structure
80 mm natural fiber
plasterboard skin
08 glazed window with alluminum frame
09 stair assembled on site
steel Ipe beam 160
steel layer
10 steel Heb 500
11 intern slab
2.5 mm rubber layer
40 mm calcium sulphate
18 mm natural fiber
compositive slab
steel Ipe beam 270
suspended soffit
12 ground floor
2.5 mm rubber layer
40 mm calcium sulphate
18 mm natural fiber
igloo layer