The center that Villa Zarri intends to create, within a beautiful mid 16th-century villa, will be a sanctuary for all beer lovers – a place where beer tasting will meet delicious food, culture, and entertainment, within the framework of architectural beauty.

The biercode refers to the traditional organization of brewers, who would gather together to keep their original recipes alive. This recipe is made of water, wheat, hops and yeast, each one with a precise role and proportion.

Design concept

The beer is made by traditional elements (water, wheat, hops, and yeast), which reflect in the project, referring to the traditional idea of the brewery and to its’ surrounding context.

The history serves as a base for an experimental project: just like a glass can contain an unexplored hand-crafted beer with a new taste, the existing building can support dynamic new functions and activities.

Beer Village Competition | Competition | March 2017 | Bologna | IT

Team: Daniele Ronca, Aleksandr Karpov, Rocco Barbini, Alice Monacelli

Result: Mentioned

Ground floor

Site plan

South facade

Brewery facade

Multiporpuse space view

Brewery view

Horizontal section

Vertical section

Brewery section