Beylikdüzü Valley and Bridge

The project involved re-qualifiyng the valley, its landscape and to create a bridge for better connection.

The guidelines were:
Access the valley
Feel the valley
Watch the valley
They were all resolved by creating different paths for cars and pedestrians. The spaces in between became observation points.

Tha paths can be used to connect and as leisure space. The details of it takes dirrent forms based on the needs and the topography.

The vegetation is taken in higly consideration based on Turkish traditions.


Beylikdüzü Valley and Bridge | Proposal-1st Mention | September 2015 | Istanbul | TR

Office: Salon Architects, Istanbul

Team: Alper Derinboğaz, Enise Derinboğaz, Selçuk Kişmir, Daniele Ronca, Semih Alkan, Ecem Çınar, Tarık Keskin, Nilüfer Çalışkan

Consultation: Ahmet Topbaş, Edin Zaim, Uğur Sütçü


Road and pedestrian path

Bridge standard section

01 Main stell structure
02 Reinforced bars
03 Reinforced perfile
04 Concrete pilar with Heb 600
05 Concrete foundation
06 Foundation pile
07 Anchorage
08 Bike path
09 Pedestrian path
10 Steel handrail
11 Metal parapet
12 Wood pretensioned platform