Antalya City Hub

This is a city into the city of Antalya. A transitional space between the town and the forest.

It will be an area completely indipendent where people can live, work and enjoy the many activities that the close by forest has to offer.

The main central street connects everything with a grid style urbanization.

Particular attention is given to the green areas, parks, rooftop and vertical gardens.

The whole project takes advantage of the strong and directional wind blowing in this region of Turkey.In fact the layout helps air circulation cooling down every building.


Road and green connections

Antalya City Hub | Ongoing | 2015 | Istanbul | TR

Office: Salon Architects, Istanbul

Team: Alper Derinboğaz, Şevki Topçu, Daniele Ronca, Selçuk Kişmir, Gül Ertekin, Ozan Balcık


01 Retail area
02 Services area
03 Educational area
04 Museum area
05 Shopping boulevard
06 Neighborhood services
07 Hospital

Neighborhood Concept

Housing Concept