World Festival Architecture | Berlin | 2016

3 full days of WAF are just finished but I have the feeling that something is just started!

Waf is a festival where consolidates worldwide firm as well as emerging one, meet at the same place and share their projects and ideas and yes, at the same time it is a great place to make connections.

Me? I am a blogger and I had chance to get in with the Atlas of Berlin idea, and thanks to CaroComunication I had chance to be part, my thanks go to Lizzie C. She believe in an Underdog, and I really proud of it.

What happen? I interviewed famous architect about different topic. About? Everything without any filter.

All those guys are incredibly talented and you can easily find around what amazing architecture they are capable of. I wanted to focus on topics that are interesting for people of my age, somewhere in their 30ties.

  • So how are we getting into those offices?
  • What will be the future of cities?
  • Rants are skyrocketing up so how will be able to affordably stay in the city centres?
  • How is to be a woman and a mum in this field? And meet three emblematic woman: Silvia, Paloma and Elisa.
  • Try to work in countries such Italy or cities like Istanbul, I´ve worked there, and I perceived the so call ‘democracy’ there.
  • What big architects think and come up they are incredibly humble?
  • Here we will ask all of this to architects such Cebra from Dermark and understand the power of their communication with amazing drawings.
  • Join me in a small talk with Lars Krückeberg, Graft Partner, and come up with a 1 hour conversation and discover the luxury to talk with a great mind.
  • Florian, chief of FatKoehl about collaborative architecture and the value of alliance in Architecture.
  • Partying Hard with Hulle and Fulle and asking, hey Guys why is Fu** hard to get a job in Berlin?
  • Say to BIG, hey how you feel to take out Rogers from World Trace Center and propose your tower?
  • And of course the importance of communication in AMO with Reinier de Graaf.
  • In the end, meet the excellence of ‘Out of the Box’, please see the photo.


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