Peter Cook | Future of the City

Does Peter Cook  really need an introduction?

Archigram is still modern and inspires such great tech-architects as Piano, Rogers and Foster. And please don’t forget Antonio Sant’Elia.

An interview with Peter Cook wasn’t easy, as he represents an evergreen icon for me.

What I asked– simple.

How to solve the rent crisis and how he sees the future of cities, starting with Google Cars to robots.

Rent crisis in Europe is huge and Air B&B significantly exacerbates the process (well wasn’t it a nice idea to travel cheap and live as a local??). For Peter Cook, myself and other architects, cites are not dense enough, but can you imagine Paris or Berlin with a new proportion between building and open space?

What happens is a cycleour generation has to move out of the city center (maybe then it will become less interesting) and create new areas of interest, suddenly those areas will be again affordable, unfortunately not for us, but for our children.

Future of city, robots and google? We are already in it and of course P. Cook is a great supporter of technology… he hopes as we do, to live long enough too see this world.

Unfortunately no more question, at WAF everybody wants to speak to him, but guys was a great and vibrant talk, hope to see him again!

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