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Mengühan Ünver, a short description of you, your background and your work experience.

I finished a degree in Business in 2012 and started to work for Google afterwards as an Online Media Associate. After around two years, I changed to Berlin to work for an incubator and build up an online apps marketing company there. I was mainly responsible for the business development. Since beginning of 2015, I am working on my own recruiting platform,, with my two co-founders. I am responsible for sales, marketing and operations.


How is it to work in Google?

I actually wrote a blog post about that back then for the Google students blog. It’s a good description of my daily work. Check it out!


What it is mean wake up in the morning and be Co-Founder of Startupcv?

Well, it’s a lot of responsibility since every decision you make impacts the business and the future of your team members.
Other than that, I love working on my own company since I like the feeling of building something sustainable.
I have a great team and it’s also a lot of fun on a daily business.


Work-balance, values and importance.

Very important for me and also my team. Only a rested and relaxed person can be creative. And creative ideas and initiative are the bloodline of any startup.
Without innovative and new ideas and improvements, we cannot compete against others on the market.
As a founder it’s even more important, since you have to do decisions on a daily basis.


Everybody has an amount of Energy to use on their day. What are your suggestions to achieve better results in work and personal life?

Probably the most important factor for higher energy is working out. If you work out regularly, you definitely have higher energy at work.
I have been experimenting on this topic for years and came to this conclusion. It is also often mentioned publicly, but I believe you have to make this experience on your own, otherwise you will ignore any recommendations. Other than that, eating clean has a huge effect on your well-being and energy as well.
The importance of reading books from great minds.
I try to read every day. In many aspects of life, you don’t have to invent the wheel again. Just pick big minds. Very important for me though is that I read non-fiction books only, e.g.
in business, psychology etc. For entertainment purposes, I watch movies or play games.


“Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.” What is mean for you this sentences?

Success is defined differently by many people. For some it is having money, for others it is helping other people. Value on the other hand has always the same meaning: improving any kind of positive asset (well-being of yourself, others, money, company value etc.).


Thanks a lot to Mengü, I totally believe sharing is caring!

In fact I ‘met’ Mengühan Ünver through his amazing tip for Google Gmail, shared to me by a friend. Thanks Selma!
And here How to set up your Gmail account in a professional way and get better result in term of time.
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