Luke Watson | Presenting BCN at the state of ART

Hi Luke! I am not your father but I would like to know how you end up in Barcelona and if you would like to tell about your background.

Born and raised in Johannesburg, in the New South Africa.* My interest in arts and design brought me to Barcelona and the fiesta made me stay. 😉
*The new South Africa refers to South Africa since the Nelson Mandela Regime. I make reference to this as I am part of a generation of youth who grew up in post-apartheid South Africa and are trying to keep it zef. 

I met you in a ‘Free walking tour BCN‘, can you tell more about the concept of this city tour?

The concept of free walking tours is about a decade old and it’s a way of giving people a great access point to connect with the city they are in.

Throw the word ‘free’ into anything and the people come a-flock which leads to a diverse clientele- any tour may be made up of people of all ages and ethnicity. As a result the tour needs to hit many notes to appeal to everyone, and it ends up being half improve theater half walking tour! In fact I look at it like a live documentary in theater form. It also becomes a networking platform, where people have a means to realize international connections.


What I have been really impressed is your communication: body language, way to speak, accent, and of course deep knowledge of different topic. Can you give some suggestion and recommendations how to keep the interest and attention of people. I do believe architects and artist can learn a lot from you. 
It all really boils down to putting yourself in your audiences shoes and looking through their eyes. Invest time in being a participant/client, whatever the field, and really imagine what you would want if you were them, then provide the people with this.
Plus read the classicHow to win friends and influence people,” by Dale Carnegie, as soon as possible.

Art and city. You are focusing a lot about street art. Can you tell us more?

Street art is the art movement that represents our current generation, just as pop art or expressionism have in the past. Does this make us a generation of vandals and rule breakers? Or does it show we are pushing the accepted boundaries and are breaking chains? Or maybe it’s the naughty child we all have inside that appeals to us.
That said it is an exciting, ephemeral and ever-changing movement. And it teaches people to pay attention to what’s going on around them. I therefore love showing the people on the tour because the great majority are either  unaware or are complacent and I see it as my way to educate the masses.

Your street art, dresses animal. It is related which your field of study? Moda design. Be creative and let us discover as much you want about this idea.

Stylish animals are just likable and well, cool, aren’t they. The first step is to create something likable that you can connect with.
Next it’s important to note where the animals come from. They represent third world countries and are by implication immigrants. But being stylish and cool they’re accepted and so it’s a commentary on society’s standards and whom we accept and don’t. Finally they all promote multi-multiculturalism by indiscriminately wearing the religious symbols of the three main religions.
From a personal standpoint I am by birth African but with my lovely European complection I am never treated as a typical ‘african’ may be. And being white in this society has many implications.
Check out my Instagram for more!
Thank you a lot for your time and hope to see you soon in Berlin.
And thank you for yours, and the interest! I hope whomever reading it finds it to be mildly interesting.

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