Time to apply? Make a booklet looks easy but has some expendient to adopt.

Here my suggestion. Hopefully will be usefull!!!


Paper 80gr for the inside pages

Paper: 160gr for the cover

Long Arm Stapler

+ extra bullet 

Printer, I’ve just moved to Berlin and it is more expensive to print in copy center, so afeter research I adopt a Samung Xpress with wifi and scanner

Roller cut; If you would like to cut the border or some pitcure on easy way

Indesign and Photoshop, in my case, may consider student edition, 232€/year



  • good to know: booklet must have total pages number a multiple of 4! (4 | 8 | 12 | 16 | 20 | 24 | 28 | I can’t count more)
  • Black rgb is different than CYMK black, if you want pure black use the rich black: C Y M both as 20% and K as 90%, you can find many suggestion, just google it
  • setup file: choose your format and first and last page as single page + other pages as pages side by side (if u want a a5 booklet as my case you should layout as a4 horrizontal)
  • make the portfolio or pubblication: be creative!!!
  • make pdf in inDesign as booklet: remeber to print side by side and multiple of 4. Check the first and last page should be on the same page


and now:

  • Check: Print front and back on short side
  • If you want the cover with different page thickness (160gr); with samsung printer check backflip option and:
  • put the 160gr paper as first on the paper box
  • start to print, when will be apper on printer lcd monitor reput manually all the pages on the stack box , press ok it will print the rest
  • use the long arm stepler to clip the booklet
  • if you want use the roller cut machine to cut the border (I suppose to do it but I prefer without, but I used to cut my postcard to gift around)
  • fold the booklet and put some heavy book on top of it!!!


How does it look? Let me know =)




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