Atlas of Berlin

I love peeling back the layers of Berlin, and I feel websites and publications are not enough to describe this amazing city!

Since I love both Architecture and Berlin, I started to geo-localize some important layers of the city!

Architecture masterpieces, industrial architecture, the internationale Bauausstellung of 1957, the memory of Berlin Wall, nightlife spots, and bookstores.

+ You can find abandoned berlin 

+ Great food and coworking spaces by Alex B.

Amazing brewery fully review by the beer evangelist Rory L.

Keep updating about amazing food with berlin food stories by Per M.


A disgusting city, this Berlin, a place where no one believes in anything. (Cagliostro 1775)

Have a great day!


This project might take forever, so feel free to contact me and send some images with a description of what you saw, found or got you interested!

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