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How is to be Andrej: cool, traveler and artist. How you become this person and tell us more the difficulties of this job.

Haha, thanks a lot for this nice introduction. People often ask me how does it feel to live your dreams? I used to reply with the talk about the difficulties that come with my lifestyle, but than I realized that there is no point in talking about downsides. I am living my dream and the price I am paying for it is not important as long as I am happy. It is important to know what you want and to find a way to make your dreams come true. If you think positive it will be easier!

What is art and street art for you?

One of the things that both art and street art have in common is human need to express themselves. While art is in most cases tied to galleries and museums, street art wouldn’t exist without the context in which it is placed (public space). The main difference between the two is probably the question of ownership of the finished piece. While it is possible to own a piece of art, it is impossible to become the owner of an art piece that exists in public space. The very moment the artwork is finished, it stops belonging to the artist and  becomes a common good that belongs to all of us. For me, street art is is the way of sending my message out in the world. When it comes to art, I like to think that it is something that I will be remembered for.


Tell us about a special travel or experience for you. 

Every trip to India so far was special in its own way and brought me experiences so intense that I wouldn’t be able to compare it to any other trip. I guess that the opportunity to see all those different ways of living in the same place is what makes this country so magical. Traveling is about learning and India thought me so much that I will be forever grateful!

What is mean EASA for you.

EASA takes an important part in my life mostly because of the people I have met, people that I am happy to call friends. Besides that, it was an amazing place to learn about different cultures, architecture, human relations etc. All in all, it was an intense experience that influenced my life quite a bit.

What you are looking on your arts, theme, topic, research.

I am trying to find the inspiration in things that are surrounding me in my everyday life – people, events, feelings. Also, when I am creating in public space, I try to find the connection to the site itself and to adapt the artwork to the ambient characteristics of the place. The whole process is a lot of fun and I enjoy in every moment!


Can you share 5 images and at least analyze one? 

I prefer not to talk about my artwork because I believe that it can talk for itself. However, I am ready to give you a short recipe that I wrote for those who want to “read” the art. Enjoy!

“Still images give us the opportunity to take a good look at one frozen moment of time. It is not always easy to predict what is happening nor what will happen next. Sometimes we will guess right, many times we won’t. What is important is to imagine the future based on the information that was given to us. Story we come up with is not a story about the moment itself, rather it is a story about ourselves…”


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