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An interesting project from Alex Beck, a nice guy from the Factory in Berlin and Co-Founder of , pretty sure he is quite busy so ready for the short interview?

Short presentation and background. 
Field of interest and why you start – i love exploring cities and getting to the beating pulse of what makes a city.
How do you pick the locations?
Its fairly subjective but places that serve great food, have an amazing ambiance or are doing something different.
Co-working space, quite normal in Berlin but not everywhere, can you describe this share space and what you think will be in the future.
I think they’ll become more communal, offices for corporates and coworking spaces will merge further and members will be both intrepreneurs and entrepreneurs.. business and start up culture will work closely together.
Co-housing, what you think about, can you picture yourself in a new concept of housing similar to Spreefeld in Berlin?
Absolutely, if you can bring together like minded people with similar aspirations it could work.
If sharing is the new economy what we should share more in the future?
Time, ideas, attention
Do you have suggestion for future blogger?
Make websites don’t blog
Thanks Alex,
and below a Doppel Map for Neukolln/Berlin

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