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Who is the person behind the camera and how and why you become photographer and video maker?

I studied architecture in college and then in University. But since my childhood I pressed buttons on my camera because my grandfather showed me how to do it. As I studied I started to work as a photographer and once architecture pushed me.

No really architecture was always nearby because if you understand architecture you can better understand the structure of the world. Actually I was suffering a lot when I faced with a problem what to choose architecture or photography.

In 2011 I was absolutely disappointed with architectural education. Suddenly I took part of the European Architecture Students Assembly  in Cadiz (Spain) on 2011. The Assembly incredibly expanded the boundaries of my mind and taught me how to interact with people of different cultures and create projects together, gain experience in knowledge sharing and improve my communication skills as well as grow professionally.

The sharing of experience with foreign friends really influenced my work and attitude to life.

I have started to make videos as well as improved my photo skills as a reportage photographer.


Always I am looking your work, You are able to transmit a nice felling, an emotion, or have the sensation to be there. How you do that? 

Thank you, Deniele.

I don’t really know. The process of photography it’s kind of meditation. You should be, let’s say, a part of interior, to disappear in the air. And really important thing is to respect people that you shoot and not disturb the people you shoot. Also important thing is to pay attention at the details and light.


How you structured the photo or the video. It is subconscious, or just Artistic values? I met you as a Tutor, how you discover Easa, What is mean Easa for you and how you see and  you will describe Easa?

As I mentioned earlier, Belorussian architecture education has big problems. But happily there are several possibilities to change your mind and find something new. There was a competition in my University for EASA, and the task was to make a short movie, I don’t remember the topic, but, of course, something around architecture. I passed it and find myself in Cadiz.

EASA for me is very important part of my life and I was a tutor of EASA TV in Finland and Slovenia.

In 2014 in Bulgaria I was a co-organizer of the EASA, and from 2014 and still I am an official photographer and movie-maker of the event. I was able to share my experience with people from many countries and start a number of international projects such as making of short film in Bulgaria about Veliko Tarnovo, starting a big project about Flamenco dancers in Spain or making a serials of promotion videos for Austrian, German, Romanian, Finnish, Maltese architects.

The main thing about EASA not only special spirit but the filling that you never be alone again


Future ideas and projects?

I just started to make a documentary and I would like to start one more.


Any suggestion to young photographer?

To watch a lot of classical painting, old masters already created everything. To pay attention at the light, details and composition. To shoot a lot and afraid  to delete a lot of your pictures.


Nice anecdote to tell us =)?

I’m sorry I have a really short memory and forget all the anecdotes in the same time as I hear them.

Thanks a lot for your time and let’s enjoy together your show-real.

if you like it, more info: Website, CV, Vimeo page




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